2021 was an interesting challenge but ultimately a year of growth. Our little family has become bigger, we reimagined our own website, and also expanded the services we offer. We also had some amazing opportunities to work with some pretty cool peeps. Overall, it was a good year. Cheers! To celebrate, I asked the team for some of their most memorable projects of the last year.

Parlor Beverages 

“Craft Soda. Nostalgia. Rock N’ Roll. Root Beer. We had the pleasure of marrying these notions into a truly unique lifestyle beverage brand. We launched an aggressive 360 degree marketing approach spanning from logo and packaging design to eCommerce, social media growth, motion graphics and beyond. Parlor Beverages is a here-to-stay smash of a success. We’re humbled to have had the opportunity to bring it to life.” — Mat 

Bright Side: A Virtual Variety Show

Bright Side took virtual event production to a new level for us. We were able to partner with so many like-minded groups to bring stellar performances to life and engage all areas of our community. We learned a lot through this project and had a ton of fun doing it.” — Joey

Mockup of an billboard from the WIC + MFHS campaign

MFHS WIC Campaign 

“I loved seeing this campaign with MFHS through from start to finish! This was the first project I was able to help conceptualize from the very beginning and watch it evolve from an idea to the final product. The bright colors from MFHS’s new logo were super fun to design with as well!” — Autumn

Power of Place Title Screen

The Power of Place: John Willard Raught’s Scranton

The Power of Place at the Everhart Museum had me heading all over Scranton trying to match up historical pictures with their present-day counterparts. It was an amazing challenge that gave me a closer connection to the history of this incredible city.” — Charles

Trade ad for Avanti that was featured in magazines

Avanti Product Photoshoots

“We incorporate product photography into our client work whenever we can, but I think we really took photo shoots and art direction to the next level this year with Avanti. Identifying models and locations and setting up shots was SO much fun and I’m incredibly proud of the resulting work that is now appearing in national trade publications.” — Kat

NEPA Gives - hybrid event branding

NEPA Gives 

“Our team has learned a ton about producing virtual events since our first in 2020. This year we had the opportunity to host several spectacular events with our friends at The Scranton Area Foundation. It was great seeing our process evolve and improve with each event, and I’m especially proud of our work on NEPA Gives! It was also great being able to use our skills to help bring the community closer together to help them reach their goal of $1,000,000!” — Sal

sequence from oh posture tree light show

Oh Posture Tree

“We always like to do something festive and fun around the holidays, so for 2021 we pushed our artistic and technical boundaries a bit further than we’ve gone before with “Oh Posture Tree.” We blended a street-level physical installation with a website hosting a month-long livestream and light controls. Visitors were then able to light up “Oh Posture Tree” by activating and enjoying any number of holiday light shows to their hearts’ content from anywhere they wish. In the end, we executed an abstract holiday concept from the doors of the “Oh Posture Tree” installation to thousands of eyeballs spread across 67 cities in 16 different states.” — Rob