Posture Interactive is an agency rooted in technology that specializes in web development, graphic design, and the related interactive marketing needed to support a successful business.

Located in downtown Scranton, this interactive agency is a partnership of snazzy dressers determined to liberate the community from dysfunctional web properties; finding avenues in which technology can provide a better, smarter solution.

The founding partners have a diverse background in broadcast and digital media, marketing, and web development spanning over 15 years. (yes, we know “combined” it’s like 400 years… but come on, how does that even begin to help you?)

Posture Web Design Scranton PA

We’re not uptight as our name suggests… but we make sure your brand always is represented in the best possible position.

Posture Web Design Scranton PA


We work best when we become a true member of your team.

An actual partner. You know, one you could text at 2AM with a random issue and probably even get a response… (that is if we didn’t have too many Posture pints).

Trust is king, along with keeping everything throughout our working relationship super candid.
First and foremost: Not ripping you off.

In all our past lives, we’ve seen one too many a business owner get taken advantage of financially due to a lack of technical knowledge.

We’ve vowed to never emulate toxic business practices that costs clients time and money.

We educate our clients throughout their journey with us while holding ourselves accountable to meet their needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

We’ll start with an intimate fact-finding mission about your business and your goals. If we’re a match, we’ll then scope out the project and our best estimate of how long it would take to develop.

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