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We are a family of creative minds that work best when we become a true member of your team. In all our past lives, we’ve seen one too many a business owner get taken advantage of financially due to a lack of technical knowledge. We’ve vowed to eradicate those toxic business practices that cost clients time and money. Promise.

Our Crew


Meet the fine folks that make the Posture world go ‘round and help present your brand in the best way possible.

Tony Bartocci
Joey Zarcone
Vice President
Doug Griffiths
IT Manager
Kathryn Bondi
Design Manager
Jamie Hannigan
Production Manager
Johnathon Burns
Business Coordinator
Rachel Burkey
Office Manager
Rachel Cunningham
Project Manager
Gia Mazur Merwine
Project Manager
Rich Mullen
Client Manager
Autumn Bohner
Content Coordinator
Jessica Zampetti
Graphic Designer
Desiree Zielinski
Graphic Designer
Alec Martin
Digital Coordinator
Cyrus Entezam
Josh Fries
Noah Johnson
Production Assistant
Kevin Garubba
Jan Schwa
Brock Siegel
Digital Strategy
Posture Careers

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It was an inspiring evening as @wrcnepa marked the launch of their new era and brand! After 48 years of providing a safe haven for all, the brand shifted to better align with their mission of inclusivity, empowerment, and systemic change 🧡💜💙🩵
After an inspiring night with @shawnkanungo at the @scrantonchamber Annual Dinner, we have AI on the brain. It was a blast partnering with the Chamber to bring their vision to life and made us wonder what AI could do for our new team photo. Which AI version of the Posture peeps do you like best? 👀 

#AI #artificalintelligence #annualdinner #videography #scranton
The wonderful folks at @wviaofficial wanted to give their annual Community Impact Report a bold new look, so we designed a piece as vibrant and colorful as the stories WVIA shares. ⭐️ Check it out on our website, link in bio!
We’re going ape sh*t for @mutant_brewing beers! 🍺🙊 From can designs to sales materials to an award-winning website, we’re always hoppy to bring out each can’s personality on every platform. Dive deeper in our latest blog post - link in bio! 🍻 #WonAnAddy #BrewedToPerfection #marketing #GraphicDesign #LabelDesign #WebDesign #Video #VideoProduction #NFT #BeerCanDesign #BeerDesign #CraftBeer @aafnepa @aafdistrict2 @aafnational @mutantapeyachtclub
NEPA’s creativity was in full force Friday evening at the NEPA American Advertising Awards! 🧡 We love celebrating all of the great work in our region. Congrats to all of the winners and cheers to @aafnepa 🥂 

#marketing #advertising #webdevelopment #graphicdesign #digitalmarketingagency #creativity #AmericanAdvertisingAwards #AAFNEPA #WonAnADDY @aafnational @aafdistrict2
Today and every day, here’s to the women who power Posture! 🧡 Happy International Women’s Day 🫶 #internationalwomensday #womenshistorymonth
What’s your favorite Photoshop tool? 👇

Our team uses Photoshop almost daily, so we’re sharing a few of our favorite tools! Get the full list of our favs in our latest blog post, link in bio

#Photoshop #GraphicDesign #DigitalMarketing #Adobe
This week we embarked on a wild journey where we unleashed our creativity, revisited old and new goals and explored our teams adventurous sides! Thank you for hosting us, @kalahariresorts !🦒🌿🧡🐘

#TeamExpedition #SafariCreativity #RoarForSuccess #TeamBuilding #Productivity #InGoodCompany
📣 Calling all nonprofits! 📣 Registration for the region’s largest giving day is now open! 

Why should you participate in NEPA Gives?
💚 NEPA Gives encourages easy online donation, attracting more than 6,000 donors across nine counties in PA
💚 NEPA Gives takes donor dollars further with matching funds, prizes, and incentives
💚 Compared to traditional fundraising, NEPA Gives costs nonprofits $2.13 to raise $100

Nonprofit organizations: Don’t miss your chance to make the most of your fundraising efforts. 

✨ Discounted Early Bird registration ends March 24th. Link in bio! ✨

#NEPAGives #MakeADifference #NEPA #CommunitySupport #Nonprofit #NonprofitsOfInstagram #GivingBack #DiscoverNEPA
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