Recently at Posture, we’ve been growing. A lot. As we’ve grown, we’ve added some really cool people to our family, made new friends, and taken on exciting new projects like virtual and hybrid events. 

As we grew, we knew that our website needed to grow with us. For us, the next stage wasn’t about completely reinventing the wheel. We focused on toning down how we were addressing our audience. As we evolve into a legacy agency, we wanted to show how our work has matured through a rich portfolio of services and effective branded content. Our previous website was fun and visually engaging, but we found that at times we were shouting our message as loudly as possible. 

And thus, Posture V 3.5 was born. 

Our previous site showed what we could do, but didn’t really explain what we do. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were fortunate enough to actually expand our services and dive into the exciting world of virtual events like Brightside and the Wright Center Graduation. But where did that fit into our services?? Virtual events were something completely new that urged us to redefine how we share and talk about our work.

Everyone on the team put the V 3.5 website through rigorous testing to ensure a seamless user experience on any device. We worked with the UserWay tool to ensure our content is accessible to the widest audience possible. This is the same solution we’ve adopted to ensure our clients can share the same accessible features with their users as well. 

We’re excited to finally share the new and improved Posture V 3.5 website with you. We hope you love it as much as we do. <3

Be sure to check out our updated portfolio of work while you’re here!