Trade Ads featured in nationwide in Tobacco Business magazine
Photograph featured in Avanti Cigar Trade ads of two men smoking cigars
Trade ad photography of one man smoking a cigar
A photo of father and son enjoy a smoke together, featured in trade ads.
Avanti Trade ads featured in magazines
Avanti Trade Ad
Avanti product photography featured in trade ads and on social media.
Model posing with Avanti products
Avanti Bourbon cigars product photography

Later in the year, we designed a holiday gift package and promoted online sales with a series of holiday cigar + drink pairings. The package, along with the photos that followed, were sure to put everyone in a festive spirit! We featured the images on Avanti’s online store, social media feeds, and in promotional email marketing.

Holiday cigar and drink pairings used for social media
Parodi Superiore product photograph
Parodi Kings product photograph

Our process for this project:

Graphic Design & Branding

  • Photography & Editing

Video Production

  • Casting
  • Concept Development
  • Scene Direction
  • Storyboarding