What’s #trending right now? Just like those crazy TikTok dances we’re always seeing on our FYP, design trends also pop up throughout the year. We always strive to stay on top of the latest trends, and Logo Lounge is always keeping us inspired with its annual Logo Trend Report.

Can you create a logo that follows these trends while remaining timeless? Or will it become outdated as quickly as it became trendy? 

It’s definitely possible to create something that’s both trendy and timeless (as long as you keep these three guidelines in mind!)

You are who you are

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. It’s often the first thing people will see (and associate) with your brand. It should be a unique representation of the things you do, your mission, vision, and goals.

Go big (or small)

Logos are used in multiple ways across a wide variety of platforms (think websites, social media, print materials, merch, and more!) A question we ask ourselves is “Can we embroider this?” If the answer is yes, it’s safe to move forward with the design. If you’re thinking no, especially because the details are too small or intricate, it might be time to rethink the current design to create something more scalable. Tiny details will get lost when scaling down, especially when a logo is used on a browser tab or as a profile picture.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

A clean and simplified logo is often attention-grabbing and memorable. Too many elements and excessive details may dilute its impact (and no, you won’t be able to embroider it!)

This year, we’re testing out Logo Lounge’s latest trends on our own brand – what do you think? 

Logo Trend 1: Wildflowers 

Our take: 

Logo Trend 2: Bloblend 

Bloblend logo examples

Our take: 

Logo Trend 3: Spirals 


Our Take:

Logo Trend 4: Wireforms

Our Take:

Logo Trend 5: Stretchers

Our Take:

Logo Trend 6: Foreshort 

Our Take:

Logo Trend 7: Thrust

Our Take:

Logo Trend 8: Ritz 

Our Take:

How did we do? We’re in love with Blob-sture Interactive (rebrand anyone?) Most of these pass the embroider test, with only a few that might be tricky (looking at you, Wildflowers).