Browser extensions make our lives easier every day. Since their introduction in 1999, over 100,000 have been created for Google Chrome alone. Browser extensions use HTML and CSS to add features to your web browsing experience.

From remembering passwords to finding the best discount codes to showing words that rhyme, extensions can do thousands of things. No matter your niche, there’s guaranteed to be an extension for you! 

Over time we’ve discovered our personal favorites that we use daily – hopefully, you’ll love them as much as we do!


“If I need an exact color, especially when working with a client, Colorzilla makes it so easy to pull an exact color right from their web page! This extension makes everyone’s lives easier.” – Jess


“I love Grammarly! When my brain moves faster than my fingers or a grammar rule escapes me, Grammarly is there to make sure my emails are top-notch.” – Joey 


“I’m a big fan of making super secure passwords, but I’m TERRIBLE with remembering them and I make a new account every 5 minutes. LastPass has literally saved my life so many times.” – Kat


“This extension is a great way to get a quick peek at what’s “under the hood” for most sites. Wappalyzer tells you the types of tech, languages, etc. used on a website, which lets you better troubleshoot issues, gain more insight into how it was built, and keep you in the know about current web trends.” – Doug 

Tab for a Cause

“I can’t begin to count how many tabs I open every day. Tab for a Cause lets me donate money from doing the things I do daily while keeping my browser extra organized. It’s so simple, so why not?” – Autumn 


“Who doesn’t love saving a couple of bucks? Rakuten helps me find the best deal and also gives me cash back for almost everything I’m already buying anyway.” – Rachel Cunningham 


GoFullPage is a super useful extension when redesigning websites. You can take a screenshot of your browser window and make a mockup right from that.” – Alec