At Posture, we always say we do our best work when we become a true extension of the teams we serve. NEPA Gives is a perfect example of those relationships. For us, becoming a true partner means we’re inspired by others’ ideas, curious for solutions, and eager to help. We share the stress, navigate the challenges, and celebrate success together.

NEPA Gives is a 24-hour giving extravaganza that is all about giving back to our community. Like most giving days, this event uses a community philanthropy model that truly has a place for everyone. It brings together over 250 nonprofit organizations all rallying for support of their cause. Over the past three years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the Scranton Area Community Foundation. We worked together to grow this event into the region’s largest giving day.

Local businesses, community foundations, and sponsors provide matching funds through prizes and incentives. Nonprofits and donors can also work together to maximize donations by competing for prizes and incentives. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition for a good cause? 

Since NEPA Gives was born online, the event continues to offer stellar digital content throughout the giving day period. This year, the Scranton Area Community Foundation is joined by hosts like Chris Strub (better known as the “Giving Day Guy”). He will be involved with the live streams on Facebook throughout the day to share numerous nonprofit stories. People who aren’t able to attend the event in person can tune in to support their favorite nonprofit. They still get a chance to win special bonuses and incentives exclusively offered to the online audience.

Events like NEPA Gives and partners like the Scranton Area Community Foundation help remind us why we do what we do. When people doing great things approach us at Posture, it’s an honor to be trusted with their passion and mission. For us, that trust is reciprocated with tireless dedication to exceed expectations in reaching their goals. 

Help us reach new heights with this year’s NEPA Gives goals. Whether it’s saving pets, fighting cancer, supporting arts and culture, honoring veterans, or assisting the elderly — there is a reason for everyone and a cause in need. 

So, where will you give?