“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” —Nelson Mandela

As the creative industry continues to evolve, we’re always looking for new opportunities to keep ourselves up-to-date and continue learning. In today’s digital age, there are many opportunities to learn new skills and expand our knowledge outside of the traditional classroom setting. There are opportunities like online courses, webinars, and conferences (many are virtual now!)

With so many new opportunities to sharpen our skills, we always push each other to continue learning. Our crew recently attended Adobe Max and the AdWorld Conference. We learned about developing trends, new tools, and software, and heard from other professionals working in creative fields. 
We believe in sharing our passion for learning with the world around us. Kat teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to share her knowledge at the Young Professionals Conference and other events. Several members of the Posture crew aim to be a guiding light for the younger generations as professors at local universities. After all, we <3 teachers!

Paul and his students in a classroom at Lackawanna College.

Why are you a professor at Lackawanna College

“I was very lucky in high school and college to have some incredible mentors and professors. They took me under their wing to learn not only in the classroom but also about life, business, and so much more. Those people understood we all make the world better every day by helping others, there’s more than enough success to go around, and they instilled in me that same value. It’s important to me now to do the same. Help others through education and empower each person I meet to be the best version of themselves they can be.” – Paul 

Kat and her students in a Scranton University classroom.

Why do you enjoy teaching? 

“I love teaching graphic design at the college level because it keeps my focus sharp. The students ask challenging questions that inspire me to keep up with industry knowledge. I also really enjoy seeing how they grow as designers and individuals throughout their education and into their early careers. It’s inspiring when I run into students years later as professionals and they recall something very specific that they retained/appreciated in my class time with them. That’s why I’m always trying to incorporate real-world projects into my classes. It’s also why I’ve been doing this for over 10 years!” – Kat

Joey teaching his students in a Marywood university computer lab.

Why do you love teaching? 

“I love teaching graphic design at Marywood because it brings me back to my roots. It’s refreshing and inspiring to revisit the basics through the eyes of a younger generation. It really keeps you on your toes! 

When I was a student some of my favorite classes were the ones taught by adjunct instructors. They could draw on their real-life experiences to create relevant and engaging lessons in the classroom. With this in mind, I’m constantly trying new projects and fresh approaches. I want to prepare students for the world beyond the classroom.” – Joey