Right now, many teams (including our own) are currently working from home (WFH). Now for most people, this is maybe an adjustment, and for others, this is familiar grounds. 

Shifting to remote working might mean rethinking how your team or family communicates and virtually connects. It could mean practicing ways to stay laser-focused on work tasks you have and not on the pile of laundry you’ve intended to fold for days. I know it’s tempting!

So how do you adjust to remote working?

Get into the right mindset.

When your home works as an office, a gym, a place to relax, it’s easy for these different aspects of our lives to intertwine. That’s how we get sandstormed. Instead of working from your bed, treat the day as if you are actually “going into work.” I understand working from your comfy bed in your pj’s is super tempting, but you can resist the urge! 

Waking up at your usual time and getting ready for work, actually tells your mind it’s time for work. Once you logon, make sure you take a break! The one mindset most new WFH employees can fall into is the feeling of “I’m always working.” However, it’s essential to be mindful of your breaks and not take a two-hour lunch to do house stuff when you should be doing work. Having a set schedule that’s fitted to your workday can help avoid loss of time. 

Separate your work and personal life.

Having a home office or a designated workspace can be a clear line that separates work from personal life. When you walk into your office or designated workspace, you can mentally prepare for work. 

It’s also okay to have de-stressors in your workspace. If playing an instrument helps you relieve stress, have it in your office, or if you need to go for a walk, go for it! But don’t get sucked into “de-stressors” that take up a lot of time, like Facebook or Tik Tok. If you’ve watched Tik Tok videos, you understand the 3-hour wormhole you can get in.

What do you do to avoid the feeling of isolation?.

If you’ve never worked from home before, you may be used to having some social interaction at work and coming home to have “alone time.” Working from home, it seems the tables have turned. 

Now all you want to do is talk about your day at work! As humans, we are naturally social creatures, and luckily we live in a technologically advanced society that we can still connect with our friends and loved ones virtually. Whether it’s through FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, we have the opportunity to connect with other human beings.

How does the Posture team work from home? 

If you decide to do chores during work hours, you’re just “borrowing time” from non-work hours. It’s easy to fall into the trap. Stay focused and keep personal and work hours strict on both sides.


It took me awhile to realize that when we started working from home and I think my biggest thing is defining a “work” space. Working from the couch sounds great, but I’m more likely to get distracted and not focus. In a dedicated space it’s much easier for me to stay on track!


One thing that helps me is wearing pants/shoes. Putting on a “work” uniform really keeps my mind where it needs to be.