Meeting folks with a variety of knowledge and experience is always a pleasure, and working with Ryan Nguyen and Noah Johnson, two interns from the University of Scranton, was no exception! We’re so glad they joined us this fall and hope you’ll love getting to know them as much as our crew did.

Tell us your name, school, major, and hometown.

R: My name is Ryan Nguyen. I’ve been in the Scranton area for a little over ten years now. My major is business Administration, and I’m a senior at the University of Scranton. 

N: My name is Noah Johnson. I go to the University of Scranton. I’m a double major in history and communications, and I come from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania outside of Scranton. 

Who or what inspires your creativity? 

R: What inspires my creativity is a thought of the future. So just thinking about the future and how great I can shape it inspires my creativity in the present.

N: I think my creativity is inspired by a need to spread a message or tell a story in a way that doesn’t involve words. As we move into the future, reading is becoming less of a thing, and watching videos and movies is becoming a lot more popular. I want to end up telling stories and spreading messages. 

What’s something most people don’t know about you? 

R: I am really passionate about the gym. I picked it up about three or four years ago, so I’ve been diving deep into that. Maybe in the future, I want to compete. I don’t know about professionally, but I do hope to step on the stage.

Tell us about your first internet memory. 

R: I feel like the first one that’s most vivid to my brain is early on, in school. Have you ever heard of Accelerated Reader? It’s that internet site that can quiz you on books. Besides that, I remember going over to my friend’s house. He had a PC and we played Star Wars Battlefront.

N: I have two brothers, six and seven years older than me, and they were in the early years of YouTube. I’m pretty sure it was the Scary Maze Game or something of that sort. They called me into the computer room and told me to watch this funny video and once my focus was pulled into it, I was frightened.

What made you want to intern at Posture? 

N: I think it was the young, energetic atmosphere that everybody brings to the marketing industry that we have here. I met Tony about a year ago and since then his energy really brought me here, wanting to become a part of the team.

R: I wanted to get hands-deep into digital marketing. I found out about Posture Interactive through networking. I did the interview for the internship, met the team, saw the environment, and just fell in love with it.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

R: I enjoy games a lot. When I was little, I always wanted to create them. I wanted to go into computer science. I just wanted to develop games. 

N: At my kindergarten graduation, they were passing around the microphone and everyone was saying firefighter or superhero. When it came to me, I said I wanted to be a traveler. Traveling the world and delving into different cultures has always been a dream of mine. I think that’s what brought me to be a history major. I love different kinds of food and all different kinds of dishes. I like to delve into different cultures.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

N: By far the best piece of advice I’ve ever received is if it won’t matter in five years, don’t worry about it for the next five minutes. That has served me very well in just forgetting about a lot of things that don’t matter in life and focusing on the important things that are going to improve my life, improve my well-being, and push me forward as a person.

What’s the most heavily played song on your playlist right now? 

R: One of the Girls by The Weeknd. 

N: It’s probably a shuffle of Noah Khan’s album Stick Season. I’ve had that on my playlist on shuffle for the last few weeks. The View Between Villages from that album is a really good song. It’s been resonating with me a lot.