We’re sometimes asked “I have a Facebook page. Do I still need a website?” Trust us, we love Facebook as much as the next agency! A strong social media presence can be a great FREE resource, especially for small businesses. But websites are still very important.

Websites and social media accounts are both valuable tools for businesses. While the two complement each other well, each has a purpose and can (and should!) stand on its own.

Websites are a key part of the online experience. 

Having your own website creates a strong sense of credibility. It’s a central location to showcase a business’s credentials, expertise, and services. E-commerce websites allow you to sell your products online and send them directly to your customers. This allows businesses to have a standalone online shop or a digital extension of a physical storefront. 

A website also gives you complete control over the content that you post without the parameters of social media. For example, if you post something against a social media platform’s terms of service, they can remove the post, or even remove your entire profile. 

Social media is a great marketing tool. 

Even with a stellar website, a social media presence offers a boost for your brand. You can showcase your brand’s personality on social media and it’s a great way to reach new people. It’s also a quick way to update your audience on what’s new. 

Social media is also a great space to gather authentic reviews from your audience. Simply ask them to leave a comment and join the conversation! This helps to create a sense of credibility while building your reputation online. 

I’ve been Influenced!

Today, you can list practically any item for sale on social media. Since the release of Facebook Marketplace, selling on social media has become easier than ever. Even TikTok and Instagram allow businesses to sell items directly from their social media profiles. 

There are two ways to take advantage of social media shopping. You can set up a shop directly from the social media platform that you wish to sell from, which has prompted some businesses to forgo the e-commerce site altogether in favor of setting up a TikTok Shop. 

Or, you can link your existing e-commerce store to the platform, which is what we recommend! This process makes the setup so much easier: it pulls info from the items listed on your website and allows you to track your metrics. 

So, do I need a website if I have social media? 

Absolutely! Websites are still very important for a business because they serve as the central location where YOU control the story of your business. Websites make it easier for people to find you online, while social media helps gain trust and establish authenticity. On social media, you can interact and connect directly with your audience, which is difficult to do with only a website. The two complement each other but aren’t interchangeable. 

If you’re looking for a shiny new website or to level up your social media game, you know where to find us 😉