404 pages. Error pages. “Page not found” pages. You know what we’re talking about. Usually, you get to these pages on a website when the domain is right but the path is wrong. You can also get there if the URL simply doesn’t exist. 

We usually address old or incorrect URL paths by using redirects, which forward users to a new or existing page. 

This is especially useful when launching a shiny new site on an existing domain. By redirecting the old URLs to the new site, visitors will still end up at the right spot. If developers don’t take the time to redirect those pesky URLs, you’ll end up on the dreaded 404 page. 

When building custom websites, we love to leave a personal touch wherever we can. 404 pages leave a lot of room to add a little bit of personality, but as long as we’re doing our jobs right, you’ll never get to see them!

In honor of the pages you’ll (hopefully) never see, we thought we’d share our favorites with you.

Avanti Cigar Company

Avanti Cigar Co.

Century Dental

Century Dental 404 Page

Cove Haven

Cove Haven 404 Page

Luzerne County Head Start

Luzerne County Head Start 404 Page

Maternal & Family Health Services

Maternal & Family Health Services 404 Page

The Wright Center

Valley in Motion

Valley in Motion 404 Page