“What’s a Posture?”

We live on the 3rd floor of a popular downtown spa and salon, so we’re pretty tucked away doing our web design thing. Most spa-goers think we either do waxing, some sort of chiropractic service, or excel in eyelash extensions. We were thrilled at the invitation of our downstairs neighbor, Alexander’s, to exhibit for First Friday. Getting down to business, we set out to create an experiential installation that helped illustrate what we did all day. But just what did that mean? (Besides Doug’s afternoon naps.)

We decided on two concepts which centered around coding and design. At its core, our daily tasks involve putting certain actions, commands or thoughts into a machine (or Macbook Pro) and anticipating a desired result or reaction to make some slick websites. We also use computer programs to help us design unique branding and awesome interactive elements for our projects.

To put our daily workings into a tactile experience, we used a microcontroller called a  Makey Makey (a fun programmable device) to put the spectator in the driver’s seat.  We programmed various interactive pieces around the space with hand-wired controllers projected to large screens. We constructed our own old school video game controller as well as a cornucopia of wired fruit (yes, delicious, nutritious, AND conductive.) Using their own energy as the conductor, visitors became part of the program as well as the designer. Their own actions layered different motions, shapes and sounds on our interactive canvases throughout the evening to create unique works of digital art.

We also exhibited some of our own generative art. What’s that, you ask? Generative art utilizes computer algorithms and user input to build textured patterns of image and design in static and dynamic forms. These selections were produced using software which was programmed to start minimal and grow while exploring the complexities of computer calculations in stunning and captivating visual pieces.  Umm… still sound like Greek?  TL;DR: We created these sweet designs by setting certain rules in the computer and then letting it go wild!

It also turns out that most of our team is, was, or would like to be in a band.  Pooling their talents Captain Planet-style, our musical forces combined for an awesome evening of entertainment.  This, coupled with Kat’s harvest sangria recipe (thanks Pinterest), some culinary delights from Vine Cafe, and a bunch of curious people – all helped answer the question we were asked throughout evening:

“What’s a Posture?”