In any random leadership book, they tell you to surround yourself with people smarter than you.  I’m insanely blessed that over the last couple years we’ve somehow grown our team with passionate, talented individuals that have truly shaped every inch of Posture as we know it.


Rob, Mat & I recently embarked on a crazy mission to expand our team.  The hiring process is a super daunting one, especially with a small group like ours (and looking to hire actual full-time humans to come in the office and play with us). I’m pleased the long search is over and I’m absolutely in love with the synergy of our expanded crew. I proudly welcome Kathryn Bondi & Kevin O’Boyle to Posture.


Kathryn is no stranger to start-ups, having grown with the local internet success story, Net Driven, leading the design team almost since their inception.


Relocating back to the area, Kevin is a gifted full stack developer who successfully ran his own development business and now will graciously be contributing more of those same talents with us.


There’s a lot more to these peeps than their resume (like how you can never talk about the most current episode of Game of Thrones in front of Kevin), but to find out you’ll have to stop by the office to meet them yourself!


Welcome welcome!  Peep our full team.