Every week, our team comes together for a run-down of all the creative projects we currently have in motion to make sure we’re giving each one the attention it deserves. During these weekly creative meetings, we also share any inspiration that we find along the way for the rest of the team to catch the creative vibes.

Here are some of our favorite inspirational pieces from the last few weeks – maybe you’ll catch some vibes, too.

6 Ways to Manage Productivity When You Have Bipolar Disorder

Productivity is already hard, but mental health disorders compound that challenge immensely. Our creative team encounters a range of mental health hurdles and found this article super helpful. Read More Here >>

Same Energy – Visual Search Engine

If Google image search and Pinterest had an awesome baby. A great tool for mood boarding your project. Read More Here >>

Philippe Neveu – Independent Motion and Interaction Designer

We dare you to click this link and tell us this portfolio site isn’t fun as hell. Read More Here >>

Typography Principles by Obys

We’ll never know how an agency found time to create this fantastic resource while working on client projects, but we’re here for it. Read More Here >>

A Chaotic Year in Review

They found a really cool way to recap a really crappy year. Read More Here >>

Google Design’s Best of 2020

Google gives themselves a big pat on the back – but honestly, it’s well-deserved. Read More Here >>