We love a good game.

We had a ton of fun this holiday season not only making our clients’ jolly dreams come true, but also creating some mistletoe magic with our own crew. Take a look at some special merry messages from the fine folks at Posture.

Play along with us!

We have a bunch of jolly reindeer games for you to play with your own crew! Use the link below each game to check your answers.

Sweet Trivia

  • Where and when were gingerbread
    houses invented?
  • When did candy canes get their stripes?
  • What decade did Hershey’s start wrapping their Kisses in red and green foil?
  • What candy brand has been running the “They Do Exist!” commercial every year since 1996?
  • What treat was invented in Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC, but didn’t become popular in the US until the early 1900’s?
  • True or false – sugarplums are actual plums covered in sugar.
  • Name the candy that is a popular decoration for gingerbread houses and has two locations named after it in the classic board game Candy Land.
  • Sugar cookies as we know them
    were originally named after what
    town in Pennsylvania?
  • What dessert was outlawed for a time
    in Europe for being too decadent?
  • What holiday beverage is believed
    to originate from the Maya?

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