When we talk about building websites, you’ll usually hear us using the word “custom.” But platforms such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace also claim to be custom web builders. You might find yourself wondering, what’s the difference between using one of these platforms to create a website vs. the Posture crew creating a website?  

Websites like WordPress allow users to customize pre-existing templates. You can change things like color and layout, but at the end of the day, it’s still the same template. It’s like driving a minivan. You can change the paint color, add mods, and install leather seats. But at the end of the day, it’s still a minivan. (No hate for minivans, we love ‘em too!) 

Trying to fit your needs into a pre-existing template can be frustrating and time consuming. We didn’t want to live within the constraints of what other people said was possible. So, our goal was to create truly custom websites that are easy to maintain while not blowing your budget. 

So what’s the solution for truly customized websites without reinventing the wheel every time?

Our awesome development team built a slick design system that breaks the boundaries of traditional website themes. We lovingly call this engine under the hood, PosturePress. Prior to the birth of PosturePress, we spent a lot of time relying on pre-existing frameworks to find time and money-saving efficiencies. But in the end this process was still time consuming and limited what we could actually do while building a website. It’s like trying to build a one story house using the blueprints for a bank building. While it is possible, it’s complicated and there’s definitely a better way to build that house. 

PosturePress allows us to create truly custom websites without all the workarounds and constraints of pre-existing themes. 

We can create exactly what we want right from the start. And when we say custom, we truly mean custom. We can design a website to look and feel the way anyone might want. Starting with a blank slate means creating a variety of layouts with as many or as few pages as needed. 

It’s not only fonts, colors, or how many pages you have. Everything about a site built with PosturePress is tailored to the needs of the project. Do you need new photos on your site every week? We can do that. Need a donation page that integrates with your payment system? We can do that too. Custom built is truly built in the way that best meets the unique needs of the client. 

This approach extends well beyond the design and launch of your site.

Once we identify the needs of your site, we can build a digital space that operates on automation keeping your site up to date and becomes a valuable member of your team. For example, if your site has an events schedule that needs to be updated daily, all the information can be added at once and updated automatically throughout the week. Customized automation is faster, easier, and less stressful. Set it and forget it!

Websites built with PosturePress are designed to follow accessibility standards.

With a custom framework like this, we’re able to ensure that you comply with important accessibility requirements. Accessible websites ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities, are able to access and use a website. And with recent legal debates on whether the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to websites, it’s best to keep websites accessible from the start! Every site created with PosturePress is designed to hold up to W3C standards, regardless of browser, device or screen size. 

A website is absolutely essential for your business! When you spend less time updating your site, you can spend more time running your business. After all, when a website is customized to your needs, it becomes a seamless, stress-free extension of you and your business.