When I share photos or videos of what we do on a daily basis at Posture, people often ask “Is your job even real?!” First of all, yes, my overflowing email inbox and Asana task list are both very real. Second of all, it takes a really special group of people to create a culture like this that makes work feel…less like work. And when we bring new humans on board at Posture, we want to make sure they feel the love, too.

Camp Posture Campers

So you may be thinking: what is the secret formula for establishing a vibrant workplace culture of your own? Our core values boil that down into one simple phrase: surprise and delight. Whether it’s an insta-worthy group video (see above) or a super-satisfying team potluck with some friendly competition, we always aim to infuse our team events with some element of surprise and/or resulting delight.

Our most recent monthly creative meeting focused on team collaboration and insights, but with an end-of-summer twist. After a cookout lunch, team members were surprised with a flag raising ceremony (complete with a live trombone salute) to kick off the event. They were then presented with camp bandannas to form their teams for a series of lively actives that would earn merit badges.

Welcome to Camp Posture! 

Part 1: Curiosity Seeker Badge

We pride ourselves on our curiosity, constantly asking “what if” and envisioning the endless possibilities. Our campers were encouraged to dig into their brains and answer trivia questions about our history, process, and what makes Posture unique. Bonus points for each past intern that they could name correctly!

Culture takeaway: This is a great way to quiz your team on company values and policies without making them feel like they’re in trouble!

Part 2: Integrity Builder Badge

A core part of how we operate is built on the integrity that we carry for ourselves and for those we work with. Integrity goes a long way with teamwork and collaboration. For this badge, the Camp Posture campers competed in a series of relay races where team members had to help each other and plan ahead in order to complete the task successfully.

Culture takeaway: Placing team members together that don’t normally interact with each other on a daily basis helps strengthen communication across departments!

Camp Posture Part 3: Joyful Crafter Badge

A lot of clients may not realize this, but we’re very crafty folks! We are often brought into projects and events that require a more hands-on creative touch, and our team always rises to the challenge. Tie-dye shirts and friendship bracelets were on the agenda with a wonderful variety of results. View the tye-die fashion show here!

Culture takeaway: When people who sit on computers all day make something creative with their hands, they can jump back into their projects with a new perspective and fresh ideas!

Whenever we take a step away from our desks and hop into these creative gatherings, we tend to find that we come away with so much more than a renewed sense of creativity. We continue to build a better place to work together as we learn more about each other along the way.


This month’s creative meeting came with a fun twist: Welcome to Camp Posture! ☀️ Our outstanding team of counselors led our campers through a series of games, trivia, and crafts to shake things up from our typical routine and truly refresh our minds. Whats your favorite Summer camp activity? #happycamper #happycampers #fyp #foryourpage #summerfun #creativemeeting #officeculture #summercamp #campcounselor

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